On behalf of the 911 women and their 556 children we supported in 2017 THANK YOU for supporting the important work being done, since 1977, by Women’s Centre of York Region.

Your gift can have a ripple effect – and at Women’s Centre of York Region, we witness the impact of those ripples on our clients and our community on a daily basis. We know when we help a woman regain self-esteem and control in her life, the impact goes far beyond her. Her children and her family feel the positive ripple and in turn create their own – her daughter does better in school with a full stomach and an eager mind. Her employer benefits from her focused efforts in the workplace. Her community benefits from her renewed participation. Our ability to start that first ripple begins with diversified, sustainable support, and donations from Foundations, Individuals and businesses – just like yours.

For low and moderate income women who have identified the need and desire for positive change in their lives, Women’s Centre of York Region has been quietly making a difference in their lives for 40 years! We create a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment where women feel supported on their journey to create positive change in their lives.

Our clients come from York Region. They are mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, friends, neighbours, and coworkers. The majority of the women seeking our help are women who have experienced violence, have limited income, have low participation rates in the labour market, or experience other barriers that make it difficult for them to contribute to their communities and live their lives to full potential. Any woman in need of assistance has access to our free programs and support. Using a holistic approach, we work with each woman, helping her build the skills and confidence to transition her from hopelessness to possibility.

Our vision is simple… All women thriving personally, socially and economically.