2018 Signature Auction

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Stay tuned for item previews!

Between Thursday, November 29th (11 am) and Monday, December 3rd (8 pm) bid on a wide range of unique packages – perfect for gift giving or a bit of self-indulgence. Suited to all budgets and interests, there’s something for everyone – from kids to adults, individuals, to groups!

Your support will have a ripple effect – and at Women’s Centre of York Region, we witness the impact of those ripples on our clients and our community. We know when we help a woman regain self-esteem and control in her life, the impact goes far beyond her. Her children and her family feel the positive ripple and in turn create their own – her daughter does better in school with a full stomach and an eager mind. Her employer benefits from her focused efforts in the workplace. Her community benefits from her renewed participation. Our ability to start that first ripple begins with you!

Your investment in our Online Auction is an investment in women, their families and our community!

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