“Balancing Act: The Holy Grail of Womanhood”

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Celebrating Women & Girls 2nd Annual Luncheon

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Join us on Sunday, May 6th at Cardinal Golf Club (that’s the weekend prior to Mother’s Day – a great way to celebrate with the women in your life!).

Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters, Granddaughters, Aunts and friends will find this a lovely afternoon spent in celebration and support of women in our community. Grandfathers, Fathers, Sons, Grandsons, Uncles and friends are, of course, welcome too! This is meant to be a multi-generational event attended by families and in celebration of women!

This year’s theme is “Balancing Act: The Holy Grail of Womanhood”.

Work/Life Balance…. School/Life Balance… This event has something for every generation and will feature these inspiring women… 

Samantha King is the founder of Fempire Builders – Samantha is a busy mompreneur and homeschooler with two young children and a couple of businesses at home. When Samantha’s daughter was diagnosed with autism, she had to learn how to keep her priorities aligned within her family, while operating her business at the same time. Samantha is a #1 International Bestselling author with 8+ years teaching experience in the classroom, experience as a sales and marketing professional in the corporate world, and also spent some time in client service management in the small business world. Samantha is excited to share her knowledge and experience with other women.

Lexi & Amanda Benlolo, from Aurora, founded The Pampered Pillowcase, as teenagers, in 2014. Their organization provides a “Pampered Pillow” to women within shelters and centres (including WCYR) within the community. The pillowcase is filled with items to make a woman feel special and ultimately, pampered.  A gift like The Pampered Pillowcase shows women that the community cares about them, and no matter what they are going through, someone is thinking of them.

Bernadette Connors is a singer/songwriter, performer, and vocal coach from Keswick, Ontario. Bernadette has grown up playing music with her family. Her mom, dad and three older brothers have really shaped her musical insight and abilities, and from there she’s had many opportunities to work with countless talented individuals who continue to influence and inspire her.

York Harmony Chorus is an award-winning, a cappella ensemble dedicated to promoting and celebrating the Barbershop style of music.  They are a vibrant group of women (there are over 40 of them!) who meet once a week in Sharon, Ontario to rehearse and share in the art of four-part harmony.

…and more…local vendors, raffles, prizes and friendship!

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