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Women’s Centre of York Region offers a range of support and services for women to make positive changes in their lives. Our clients come from York Region — they are mothers, sisters, aunts, neighbors and co-workers. In some cases, our clients may be experiencing significant financial hardship or even violence. One thing our clients share in common is they have identified a deep need and desire for improvement and change in their lives.


We offer a range of group programs and one-on-one support, all of which are designed to meet each woman where she’s at and to help foster meaningful steps and actions in her life. All of these programs are provided at no charge. Explore our programs below to find which one(s) are right for you.

Group Programs

One-on-One Support

Becoming a Client

Becoming a client of the Women’s Centre is as easy as choosing the program(s) you’re interested in and contacting us to sign up. For most group programs, your name will first be added to a waitlist and then you will be asked to attend an orientation session before your program begins. In the orientation session, you will learn more about the program and complete the intake package to become a Centre client. For counselling, you will have an initial phone assessment and then an in-person assessment with your counsellor after which you will be asked to complete the intake package.

Your Rights as a Client

While accessing our services you have the right to:

  • Learn about the benefits and availability of the programs of the Women’s Centre of York Region
  • Be informed of the risks and benefits associated with the different programs
  • Receive information when something is unclear to you or causing you concern
  • Be referred to appropriate services if Women’s Centre of York Region can’t meet your needs
  • Obtain services regardless of race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family status, or dis/ability
  • Accept or reject any tasks, exercise, or procedure suggested by the staff member you are working with
  • End participation in the programs of Women’s Centre of York Region at any time
  • Be assured that any personal information will remain confidential within the limitations and requirements for disclosure and to be informed of the limits of confidentiality
  • Withdraw your consent to disclose information and to refuse the administration of information
  • Be treated ethically, with respect and without prejudice
  • Feel comfortable when receiving services and to have a private environment during counseling or programs
  • Suggest changes in any aspect of the services provided
  • File complaints and to be provided with a safe and fair process of complaints
  • Discuss your counselling with anyone you choose, including another counsellor
  • Have the effects of oppression validated by your counsellor
  • Have access to your personal file within 48 hours of providing written request, and in the presence of the staff member you are working with.