Women’s Centre of York Region offers free childminding to women who access our programs and services. Currently, childminding is available only during daytime sessions on certain days during the week. This service is available for children under the age of six (6). Clients need to pre-register for childminding, providing the name and age of their children and whether they have any allergies or medical concerns. Clients need to provide all food and drinks for their children and are asked to bring them 10-15 minutes before the start of any session so the child can meet the childminder (if the first time) and get comfortable.

childcare areaWho can use the service?

Only children with a guardian who is attending a Women’s Centre of York Region program at the same site are permitted to participate in the childminding program. Childminding is available 15 minutes before the start of your session/workshop until 15 minutes after the start of your session/workshop.

What is the process for signing up for childminding?

Childminding is only available on certain days/times during the week. For counselling clients, childminding must be requested at least a week in advance of your appointment. For group programs, childminding must be requested upon registration in the program.

What information do you need about a child?

Before a child participates in childminding, we need to know about any serious health conditions (i.e. epilepsy) and severe allergies (i.e. peanuts, insect stings) that your child might have. In addition, we need to know of any special needs your child may have in order to be comfortable in this environment. We will ask you to complete an information form on your child’s first visit to our child minding service. We ask that you not bring your children to childminding if they have a communicable disease (i.e. head cold, flu, measles, mumps, chicken pox, etc.

What do I need to bring for my child?

You should bring any food (nut-free, please), toiletries or other items that your child might require while they participate in childminding. When you bring food and/or drinking cups into the program for your child, please label the containers clearly with the child’s full name. Please be aware that all medication remains with you, except medication for life-threatening conditions, which is stored where childminder(s) can reach it rapidly, but where it is inaccessible to children.

How will the childminder(s) deal with discipline?

Please know that our childminder(s) do not use any form of physical restraint unless it is necessary to prevent personal injury to the child, other children or adults, or serious damage to property. Any significant event is recorded and the guardian is informed of the incident on the day that it occurs.