Individual Counselling provides emotional support to women experiencing difficulty with self-esteem, anger, depression, discrimination, cultural and settlement adjustment, disability, separation/divorce, body image, isolation, relationship issues, and stress related to poverty or un/employment.

Transitional Support Counselling provides women with both emotional and practical support to ensure they are able to leave an abusive relationship safely.

Making Changes is a life skills program that enables women to develop the skills necessary to move forward and become clearer and stronger decision makers on issues that affect their lives. The Making Changes program covers: Self-Empowerment, Effective Communication, Healthy Boundaries and Managing Conflict.

Financial Empowerment helps women create a ‘road map’ for handling their money. Topics include learning to set a budget, money attitudes, repairing and using credit, managing debt and how to be a wise consumer. The financial empowerment program helps women create a life of financial stability.

Enterprising Careers is a career exploration program that assists women with their search for meaningful and sustainable employment. Topics include choosing a new career path, re-entering the workforce through paid or unpaid employment, training and self-employment. The program builds self-confidence as women use a variety of tools and resources to identify their interests, skills and values.