Fundscrip Gift Card Program

FundScrip is a Canadian fundraising program that allows you to purchase gift cards from 150 retailers like Winners, Esso, The Children’s Place, Real Canadian Superstore — and have up to 15% of the value of the gift cards donated back to WCYR at no additional cost! This is a great way to buy things you are already buying from retailers where you are already shopping, while earning much needed contribution dollars for WCYR. Visit Fundscrip today and enter Group Invitation Code “F5XMGP” to get started.


Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising activities come in all shapes and sizes – as simple or as complex as you like. They can be conducted in a variety of environments including the home, office, or throughout the community. Some third party fundraising ideas include:

  • Casual Dress Down Days at the office (with staff paying a certain $ amount to participate)
  • fundraise-cupcakes50/50 Draw or Raffle at Work
  • Bake Sale
  • Donation in lieu of gifts (birthday/hostess/holiday parties/teacher/staff) *
  • Donation in lieu of wedding gifts or wedding guest favours *
  • Yard sale/moving sale
  • Used book/CD/movie sale
  • Pot luck dinner/theme evening
  • fundraise-runningHair cut/make-over event
  • Silent auction
  • Online auction
  • Music/comedy/talent night
  • Sporting tournament
  • Marathon/walkathon
  • Create your own Special Event

* Women’s Centre of York Region will provide note cards to indicate that a donation has been made in their honour.

These are just a few examples of third party fundraising events. We encourage your creativity and are open to new and exciting ideas! Check out How to Hold Your Own Fundraising Event for more information.

How We Can Help…

  • Provide printed information about Women’s Centre of York Region for hand-out or display purposes
  • Offer fundraising staff and volunteer support to provide guidance and assistance
  • Discuss donor recognition benefits and opportunities
  • Issue tax receipts if appropriate
  • Help with promotion and marketing through Women’s Centre of York Region networks (newsletter, website)

Unfortunately We Can’t…

  • Assume any legal or financial liability associated with the event
  • Incur expenses, or provide funding for third party fundraisers